#apahm | south asian edition

For the last day of Asian heritage month, me and my friends sat down and talked about how our South Asian backgrounds impacted our identity. We have Devanshi Ved raised in the Virgin Islands but is the daughter of immigrant parents from India, Dilisha Dixit who was born and raised in Nepal and goes over the troubles she faces as a immigrant, and lastly me! Born in California, lived in Lahore, Pakistan and have spend the rest of my teen life in Rhode Island. Afterwards, I asked that we all chose one word that we feel encapsulates what has been the most important part of our asian identity - then I created type that reflects those words in our respective native tongue, decorated in aspects of nature, food, architecture and clothing our countries are known for.

For myself, I chose Khandaan (family).
Dilasha chose Sanskriti(culture).
Devanshi chose Jadon (roots).

hear more about our stories here where we talk candidly about our experiences:

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